Full-stack iOS Developer

After 10 years of web development, I've made the switch to iOS development. My employer graciously took a chance on me and allowed me to switch over with virtually no iOS expertise.

I plan to follow a similar blueprint as when I switched from Java to Ruby:

1) Who should I follow on Twitter?

I'm currently following a couple iOS development "celebrities," but I'm looking for accounts that have more of a developer focus. Who are the, for lack of a better word, "Thought Leaders" of iOS development?

2) Which Swift/iOS development podcasts discuss best-practices?

I'm a fan of "Accidental Tech Podcast" and "Core Intuition," but they're more about products and less about the implementation.

A couple of iOS development podcasts that I've found recently are Fatal Error and Runtime.

3) How do I TDD iOS development?

Coming from Ruby, it immediately struck me how litte documentation, talks and emphasis in general there is about test-driven development for iOS.

I've found Quick, but I wish there were more screencasts showing TDD in action. I guess I'll have to explore on my own.

Lastly, I'll be watching the Standford iOS course at 1.5x speed until completion 👀