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I'm Amos Chan.

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I help small companies and entrepreneurs build their products from the ground up. From feature development to leading a team of developers, I work with my clients to make their vision a reality. Currently only available at a part-time capacity.


SmileSnap, Full-Stack Developer (Contract)

2020 - present

Virtual consultation is a must in this post-pandemic world. I help build SmileSnap's video consultation product, dashboard and patient portal.

Flexday, Engineering Team Lead (Contract)

2018 - present

Remote work is the future and Flexday provides its members with a network of unique, fully-equipped coworking spaces.

I manage the development of their iOS, Android and web products to ensure that they're well-tested and developed with quality.

VarageSale, Engineering Team Lead

2014 - 2019

Facebook Marketplace before Facebook Marketplace. I joined a small team working on its Rails app and saw our work lead to a $34 million Series B funding.

I pivoted over to iOS development to eventually lead the iOS team until its acquisition by VerticalScope where I became the engineering team lead responsible for VarageSale‘s iOS, Android and web products.

For a full list of experience with technologies like Swift, Ruby on Rails, React, Ember and more, see my profile on LinkedIn.


Wait, you're only available part-time? I'm looking for a full-time developer.

Deadlines are only as realistic as the communication allows. What you'll get from me is a dependable developer that will ask the important questions and give you a clear understanding of where the development currently stands.

With thorough communcation, automated tests and continuous integration, I plan to make those hours—your money—count. Though I'm working for you part-time, I am working full-time and my line of communcation is available to you full-time. You have the benefit of asking me questions on a full-time basis but "clocking me out" when that communication is over.