Owning your tweets

If you're already using a static site generator, I don't think I need to convince you of the importance of being your own platform... but here's a recap from Marco Arment:

Treat places like Medium the way you’d treat writing for someone else’s magazine, for free. It serves the same purpose: your writing gets to appear in a semi-upscale setting and you might temporarily get more readers than you would elsewhere, but you’re giving up ownership and a lot of control to get that.

This excerpt was talking about blogging, but the sentiment applies for all content that you're putting out on the web... for free. You should own it.

That's why I just added Tweet syndication to Ignoramos, the static site generator that powers this site. The idea — as discussed on Core Intuition — is that some of these quips that we're volunteeringly putting on Twitter for free are things that we might be proud of. It would be a shame to lose all that data if Twitter (or Facebook. or Ello.) were to shut down.

Part of the cost of owning my own identity is communicating to all these social networks via my own platform so that I can archive them before they're published on other networks.

With the latest version of Ignoramos, I can now tweet with the command:

$ ignoramos tweet "hello world!"

It would then post to Twitter and simultaneously create a micropost on my blog with all the Twitter metadata stored in it. This allows me to participate in the social networks that all my friends are on and own the data at the same time. If Twitter were to go away, or no longer be the dominant microblogging platform, all my microposts would still exist on my blog.