One month later...

So a month later I finally have a little bit of progress to report back. I've been trying to learn the basics of iOS development by watching a couple classes from the Stanford iOS 7 courses. I didn't end up completing it because I decided to switch my focus towards Swift.

This led me to watching all the WWDC videos related to swift. The ones I found particularly interesting were Intermediate Swift and Swift Interoperability in Depth. The latter, in particular, was useful in teaching me how to use third-party Objective-C libraries with Swift.

Currently, I'm going through The Complete iOS 8 Course with Swift... which is an ironic course name since it's still incomplete. What's there is pretty good. It's aimed towards beginners, so I skipped a lot of the lessons if the course text didn't show me any new concepts. I don't regret the purchase -- it was $89 when I purchased it -- because it really does provide the basics of getting an iOS app up and running. One thing that's still missing is Adaptive Layout, but I'm told that they'll be added shortly.